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No one can underestimate the important role of the tourist transport company. It’s one of the pillars of tourism everywhere in the world. And Morocco is not an exception. It helps promote tourism industry by its very crucial services.

A transport company provides Airport transfers (Arrivals-Departures), inter-hotel transfers, city tours, one-day or two-day excursions and round trips. It’s also present during national and international seminar, conference and competition (football for example) days. It’s 24/7 at the disposal of the guests of these activities. And it provides professional drivers in Morocco speaking foreign languages.

Morocco is a country located in North Africa having a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. This exotic place is for the tourists who are interested in discovering a Muslim country as Morocco is the only country in North Africa that offers tradition and modernity all at one place. Once you are in Morocco, you cantake in the spirit of the country and wander the mystifying yet stunning streets of its great cities.

Here are few of the reasons that make this exotic place the best excursion spot:

Mountains & Desert

Morocco is a perfect place for travelers looking for diversity from golden dunes of the Sahara to the snowy peaks of the High Atlas region. Along with the famous High Atlas, there are also the Rif and other ranges leading to breathtaking Saharan oases offering simple pleasures, starry night skies,and fluffy clouds. There are alsorocky coastlines, scenic waterfalls and caves in forested hills, and the mighty desert. While the mountains are perfect to enjoy a hike or a winding drive in Ourika valley, the mighty desert is the right place to get a glimpse of the Bedouin life and also providing an access to the wilderness of the desert most of all the famous camel rides.

Ancient Medinas

Morocco’s cities are some of the most thrilling on the continent. From the winding medina maze of Fez to the fascinating street-theatre of the Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh, the ancient medinas will not fail to amaze you. In the deserts, medinas are shielded by Kasbahs and in the coastal areas by thick sea walls. Ancient medinas are not only rich in culture and tradition but also offermodernity with the extravagant urban setting in Casablanca, Rabat,and Tangier staying updated as well as deeply rooted to their heritage.

Moroccan Activities

Morocco has plentiful options for you to have a quality time. Plan hiking up North Africa’s highest peak, learn to make the delicious Arabic couscous, camel trekking or dune surfing in the Saharan desert, shopping in the easily navigable souqs/market places or wandering in the crowded medina. Along with these activities, you must plan a sleepover in the boutique riads that are a hidden treasure of this beautiful country. You can also relax on the serene terraces and enjoy a peaceful bath in a soothing Hammam.

Traditional Life

Morocco is a diverse country that has over the years intertwined its ties to Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe,and the broader Middle East altogether. Itsmixed Arab and Berber population creates a solid national identity and taking the best of its customs and weaving a new pattern. From the rural to the urban, from the call to prayer from the mosque to the beat of the local music, it has evolved to a whole new level. Morocco has a hundred expressions and echoes, all ready to welcome the traveler looking for some sugar, spice, and everything that can make their Moroccan tour memorable.

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