ONMT promotes Morocco to the American Jewish community


ONMT continues to promote Morocco as a destination. As recently as last week, the Office organized, in consultation with 4 regional tourism councils, a press trip for the benefit of two American journalists. They are freelance journalist and blogger Kosher Guru and a journalist for the American trade press.

This educational tour is an opportunity to present the tourist assets of Morocco to the Moroccan Jewish community. Through this initiative, the ONMT presents them with the components of the heritage of Jewish culture still present in Morocco and highlights the tourist attractions of the destination. It is also a question of highlighting the attractiveness and the diversity of the destination and consequently to generate a great interest for the destination Morocco.

The two journalists who began their visit to Morocco on February 8 went to Rabat, Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh. As we go to press, Kosher Gurur and his colleague are visiting Essaouira, a city known for its Jewish heritage which enriches Judeo-Moroccan memory. It should be noted that the visit of Marrakesh-Essaouira marks the last stage of the journey of the two journalists in Morocco. At the level of the ocher city, the two guests went to the Majorelle Garden, the Yves Saint-Laurent museum and the Berber museum. They also visited Dar Si Said and the Dar El Bacha Museum. They also took advantage of a guided tour of the medina (Jemaâ El Fna Square, Souk, Koutoubia Mosque, etc.).

Also on the program is a visit to sacred places in the Mellah district and synagogue of the ocher city as well as an overnight stay at the Agafay site. Throughout this trip, the American blogger shared with his community, made up of 48,900 followers on Instagram and 1,890 subscribers on YouTube, his culinary and cultural experience in Morocco.

This experience will also be relayed on the “Fleisighs” Magazine, with 10,000 subscribers and 8,000 copies sold. Kosher Guru, known for his lifestyle travel tips, will indeed present through these media the different facets of the Morocco destination with a focus on Kosher food, the atmosphere in hotels, restaurants and nightlife. which accompanies it.



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