Establishment of a program for the development of the tourist product: A convention to highlight the potential of Draa-Tafilalet


The contracting parties aim to strengthen their collaboration, both at the strategic and operational level, through the establishment of a mapping of investment opportunities in the sector.

Hit hard by the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Draa-Tafilalet region wants to catch up and take precedence over other tourist destinations of choice for national and international visitors. In this context, the Ministry of Tourism, Handicrafts, Air Transport and Social Economy, the wilaya of the region, the Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company (SMIT) and the Regional Investment Center (CRI) have just signed a partnership agreement, aimed at setting up a program for the development of the tourist product at the regional level.

The contracting parties aim to strengthen their collaboration, both at the strategic and operational level, through the establishment of a mapping of investment opportunities in the sector, the conduct of a prospective and anticipatory economic watch, the realization of studies and surveys in relation to the tourism industry as well as support for overdue projects. “The interaction and complementarity between the sectoral and strategic expertise of the SMIT on the one hand, and the territorial anchoring of the CRI through its new prerogatives on the other hand will make it possible to respond effectively to the need for an effective recovery. tourism investment and therefore the development of the tourism product under the best conditions in this region “, indicates a press release issued after the signing of this agreement, before adding that this agreement is therefore” timely appointed to simplify the reading of the intervention of the parties taking into account the new prerogatives of the IRC and the positioning of the SMIT within the framework of advanced regionalization ”.

A program developed in conjunction with local stakeholders and partners

Based on the provisions of this agreement, all stakeholders undertake to achieve all the objectives set out in the framework of this program, which had been developed in concert with local stakeholders and partners. This program, which will revolve around the enhancement of the tangible and intangible heritage assets of this region, will focus on the development of tourist entertainment and leisure, the development and rehabilitation of tourist sites and infrastructures, the strengthening of signage and tourist information and support for the promotion of tourist investments in the region. This will further expand the entertainment offer in the region and extend the average length of stay in this destination.

A great contribution to the preparations for the takeover

In addition, this program will be a great contribution to the preparations of operators for the recovery after a long period of recession due to the containment measures taken to prevent the spread of the pandemic on the regional territory. It will thus make it possible to highlight the strengths of the region, which has experienced a decline in its tourist performance in recent years.
Especially since the region of Draa-Tafilalet enjoys rich and varied natural and cultural tourism resources such as mountains, gorges and sand dunes as well as green oases combined with an architectural heritage of ksours and kasbahs reflecting the depth and the historical anchoring of this territory.
Remember that to enhance the attractiveness of the region, it has seen the realization of a series of structuring projects allowing its tourist infrastructures on its territory. This has enabled it to increase its tourist capacity by 6,700 additional beds between 2011 and 2020, to reach around 10,000 beds currently. This capacity is dominated by hotel structures as well as rural lodges. Destinations have a length of stay on average, below the ambitions and potential of the region as a whole.



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