Ain Asserdoun Tourist Park: A proven appeal product


Nadia Fettah Alaoui and Imad Barrakad were visiting the site

“Its upgrading within the framework of this program will undoubtedly have an added value on the influence of the city of Béni Mellal and the increase in its attractiveness”.

Nadia Fettah Alaoui inquires about the progress of the Ain Asserdoun tourist park project. Accompanied by Imad Barrakad, Director General of the Moroccan Tourism Engineering Company (SMIT), the Minister of Tourism visited the site of this project to which an envelope of 34 million dirhams has been allocated. The objective is to bring out a tourist ecosystem in the province of Béni Mellal and to increase its tourist intensity by promoting all its tourist assets.

This involves the creation of a tourist information point, the creation of play areas for children as well as the development of green circuits connecting Ain Asserdoun, Ksar Ain Asserdoun and surroundings. This project also covers the structuring of shops and activities at the site level, the improvement of its landscaping treatment, the development and improvement of comfort equipment (toilets, benches, etc.) and the establishment of a adequate lighting at site level that will retain visitors as long as possible.

This visit, which took place on Tuesday, January 26, is part of the tourism development program at the level of the Beni Mellal-Khénifra region. A device that led to the conclusion of several partnerships for the mobilization of 210 million dirhams during the health crisis. For the guardianship, the Parc d’Ain Asserdoun is a proven appeal product. “Its upgrading within the program framework will undoubtedly have an added value on the influence of the city of Béni Mellal and the increase in its attractiveness”, according to a joint press release from the ministry and the SMIT. He added that “the complementarity of this natural curiosity with the activity of parachuting will make the city an emerging destination which will benefit from the socio-economic benefits generated by this promotion action”. It should be noted that during the work on the site, a thematic relay will be erected at the entrance to the park.

The objective is to promote the theming of dinosaurs. “This site which refers to the lush vegetation of green spaces and waterways will receive furnishings with several dinosaur statuettes and sculptures in vegetation that blend into their environment. So this topiary garden on the theme of dinosaurs will make it possible to “furnish” this invigorating greenery “, we can remember in this sense. As a reminder, this destination is known internationally for the practice of parachuting. It will thus be supported by the implementation of a certain number of projects. The ambition is to enhance the most emblematic sites of its background and therefore extend the stay of visitors to this territory.



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